KBOS (B95) – Fresno – 1/31/97

Recorded 18 years ago this month, here’s a montage of Fresno’s heritage Rhythmic CHR, recorded almost entirely during Friday night mixshow programming (courtesy of the syndicated “Hot Mix” service). More information about the history of this station can be found within the text of another B95 aircheck on this site – specifically, the comment from Robyn Watts.

WBBM-FM (B96) – Chicago – 1/7/96 – Julian Perez, Tim Schommer, Candi

During the 1990’s, Chicago’s B96 was one of the most unique Rhythmic CHRs in the U.S. Recorded 19 years ago today, his is a montage of the broad-based, personality-heavy “Street Flava” program.

WPOW (Power 96.5) – Miami – 11/30/98 – DJ Laz & DJ Zog

Miami’s Power 96 is one of America’s heritage Rhythmic CHRs.  It has always offered an approach custom-tailored to its unique market – a rarity in an increasingly homogenized and corporate-dominated radio environment. This is a montage of the station during Afternoon Drive on the last day of November 1998 (recorded 16 years ago today). It includes a sample of the “Traffic Jam” heard during the 5pm hour, with mixer DJ Zog filling in for Slammin’ Felix Sama.

KXMG (Mega 93-3) – Austin – 11/23/01

Mega 93-3 was a great-sounding but short-lived Dance CHR, serving the Austin market from 2001 to 8/15/03, when it flipped to Urban as “Hot 93-3″. This montage was recorded 13 years ago this week. The station’s spirit lives on via the HD2 signal of KBPA 103.5 FM as “Mega 103.5 HD2“.

KPRR (Power 102) – El Paso, TX – 1998 – The Candyman (and other personalities)

According to Wikipedia, Power 102 debuted in September 1986, making it one of the longest-running Rhythmic CHRs in America. This is a sample of the station from the late 90’s, when the station was voiced by the late and great Brian James. This montage originated on a “mixtape” as opposed to a traditional aircheck, so from time to time, the station’s non-music elements (i.e. promos and personalities) are either missing or cut-off in mid-sentence. In addition, audio is heard only on the right channel/speaker – another shortcoming of the original recording.

Quote 864 – Hong Kong – 1997-1998

Most of the material on FMairchecks.com, to the surprise of no one we hope, was recorded from the FM band. The majority of the content here  also pertains to U.S. radio stations. Today’s posting is the exception on both accounts. This is a sample of Hong Kong’s “Quote 864″, recorded in the mid-to-late 1990’s. There is minimal non-music material – what made this station stand out (at least in comparison to what’s found in the U.S.) was its relatively diverse music mix. At least a portion of this aircheck was recorded during a mixshow named, simply enough, “Mix Party”. Also left intact are some Public Service Announcements that aired during brief breaks.

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 9/25/91 – Dave Ryan, Dena Fox, Scott Thrower

  “100,000 watts of music power…” Recorded 23 years ago this week, below is a detailed sample of the dominant CHR station in Phoenix for most of the 1990’s, at the start of that decade. Specifically, this is a montage of the “Power Morning Zoo”. The star of the show was Dave Ryan, who had joined Power 92 recently, after being at Adult CHR KZZP through its final days. Ryan departed KKFR in March 1993 and landed at legendary Mainstream CHR KDWB/Minneapolis – and as of September 2014, he remains their morning show host. During Ryan’s final days at KZZP, one of the morning show hosts at Power 92 (the main host?) was Danny Bonaduce. However, following an incident involving a prostitute, Bonaduce found himself first on administrative leave and...

WBLI (106.1 ‘BLI) – Long Island, NY – 7/7/98

WBLI was (and may still be) an upbeat, fun-sounding CHR outlet, offering Long Island a locally focused alternative to similarly formatted stations from New York City. This is a sample of the station recorded 16 years ago this week.

KZQZ (Z95.7) – San Francisco, CA – 12/27/98

Recorded 15 years ago yesterday, this is a montage of San Francisco’s Z95.7 about a year and a half after its launch. As heard on this aircheck of the station from July 1997, Z95.7 initially employed a dance-heavy approach, similar to Z104 (WWZZ) in Washington, D.C. and 102.7 ‘XYV (WXYV) in Baltimore. However, over time, as demonstrated here, the playlist became more balanced.

WKTU (103.5 The New KTU) – Diane Pryor & WHTZ (Z100) – Billy Hammond – New York – 10/15/98

  Both recorded 15 years ago today, this is a sample of the two dominant CHR stations in the largest U.S. media market during the late 1990’s. WKTU offered what we now call a Rhythmic AC format, while Z100, true to its roots, aired a straight-ahead Mainstream CHR format.

Kidd Kraddick Show Remembers Kidd Kraddick

We conclude our series of tributes to Kidd Kraddick with the audio of this morning’s program featuring the remaining members of his show. Kellie Raspberry, J-Si Chavez, Jenna Owens, ‘Big’ Al Mack, and ‘Psycho’ Shannon Murphy took to the air for approximately 90 minutes to pay tribute to their fallen leader.

WCXT (105.3 the Whip) – Muskegon-Grand Rapids, MI – 7-5-99

This is a brief sample of West Michigan’s Dance CHR “105.3 the Whip” during its few nights on the air. Check out //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WHTS for more information on the history of this station.