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    1. The “Jammin” name was brought back to the Denver market in 1999 as a Rhythmic Oldies format. This was a clip as the station was sold to CBS radio in June of 2002, the format was “Jammin Oldies and More” with more Freestyle R&B and Funk known as KDJM.

      WRQC 92.3 FM (The Rock Of The 80’s) was a very short-lived modern music commercial radio format in Cleveland Heights between Spring/Summer 1983. There were ads published in Scene Magazine in a sort of collage-art style with a list of the musical artists that they played, but I didn’t keep any and I have not been able to find them online. By Autumn of 1983, the station format had already changed, from what I recall. Here are some airchecks and a brief Friday morning newscast. The quality is not the best, I was dirt poor at the time, my tape recorder was a yardsale find and I used any recycled tapes I could find. Here is also a link to a press release I found online: >

    3. This is amazing. My dad is Richard “Ricardo Cherry” Brugada, and I/we don’t have any recordings from when he was on air at 93.9 KDGS in Wichita. It was a delightful surprise to find this site and one of his Air Checks. If by any chance you have anymore I’d love to hear them/ get them from you. I’d like to put together a nice present for him with this material. You all rock for doing this!
      -Brandon B


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