WKRZ (98.5 KRZ) – Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, PA – 10/23/20 – Jumpin’ Jeff Walker & Amanda Greene

On October 23, 1980, WKRZ debuted in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton PA with Jumpin’ Jeff Walker as one of its personalities. Four decades later, the duo remains together. This is a montage of the 40th anniversary festivities. Please visit this RAMP article for more details. Many thanks to Scott Fybush of Fybush.com for contributing this aircheck!

CING (Energy 108) – Toronto – 2/28/97

For several years in the early to mid 1990’s, Toronto’s Energy 108 offered a cutting-edge Dance music format, making it a favorite among Dance radio enthusiasts. However, by 1997, the station’s ownership changed hands, and the format eventually evolved to Mainstream CHR.  This brief aircheck (seemingly one of the few in existence) was presumably recorded close to the beginning of that transition. It features snippets of the station’s “Top 50 Countdown” and “All Retro Dance Edition” programs. More information can be found at Wikipedia.  

WYSY (107.9) – Aurora/Chicago, IL – 5/30/97 (Stunting with “Bill”)

According to Wikipedia: following the merger of CBS and Infinity, the new entity (CBS) found itself with more FM stations than allowed by the FCC. It chose to sell WYSY – which at the time was offering a low-rated Classic Hits format billed as “Y-107.9” — to SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System).  From 4/24/97 through apparently 7/4/97, as the ownership transfer process was underway, the station went into stunt mode. Specifically, someone supposedly named “Bill” claimed to have borrowed “CDs and records” from a group of people and was playing “some of (his) favorite songs”.  The concept was essentially identical to the “Jack FM” Variety Hits format that did not become commonplace until some 8 years later. This montage is a...

WENZ (107.9 The End) – Cleveland – Summer (?) 1997 – Ted Kowalski

107.9 the End represented the Modern Rock format in Cleveland from 1992 to 1999.  This aircheck is from a Sunday morning in 1997 (possibly August), primarily during the “Flashback Brunch”.