97.4 Rock FM – Lancashire, UK – 7/1/97 – Jamie Moore

This is one of a handful of airchecks in my collection from the United Kingdom.  97.4 Rock FM sounds quite different from any U.S. station I’m aware of that calls or brands itself as “Rock”! Per info supplied by Neal Bowden when this aircheck originally appeared on this site in 2011: There is an urban myth the name Rock FM comes from Blackpool rock, which is a very hard stick of candy. //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_(confectionery) Blackpool is in the heart of the stations coverage area and a lot of people take vacation there every year. It never has been and never will be a rock station! Thanks to Ryan Bishop for finding and supplying the logo.

94.1 WNNF – Cincinnati – Stunting between formats – 5/19/11

On its journey towards relaunching as “Journey 94-1” in May 2011, WNNF Cincinnati stunted for two days with an hour long loop highlighting some decoy formats interspersed with soundbites from the city such as Jerry Springer announcing his mayoral run and clips from WKRP in Cincinnati. To hear the actual format change visit our sister site FormatChange.com.

KYOT (The New 95.5) – Phoenix – 7/2/11 – IndepenDANCE Weekend

In early 1994, 95.5 FM in Phoenix — known as “The Coyote” — became the latest station to adopt the rapidly growing Smooth Jazz format. It achieved impressive ratings success for many years. However, by 2010, the station had evolved to a form of Rhythmic AC. Over Independence Day Weekend 2011, as heard on this montage, “The New 95.5 KYOT” played nothing but classic Dance & Rhythmic selections. This specialty programming was a precursor to a formal change to Rhythmic Oldies several weeks later, initially branded as “The Valley’s Old School 95.5”, and eventually “Eva 95.5”.