WSUL (98.3) – Monticello, NY – 7/22/98 – Brenda Jagger

Recorded 22 years ago today, this is a sample of one of the best all-around small market CHR stations I’ve ever heard. At this time, WSUL’s playlist included recurrent dance hits in addition to standard Top-40 selections.

WKSS (KISS 95.7) – HARTFORD, CT – 6/20/98

Recorded 17  years ago this month, here is a sample of Friday night programming on Hartford’s longtime CHR outlet. Featured are the end of a live-to-air mixshow from a nightclub named “2001” followed by regular programming, along with a lengthy promo for the “Dysfunctional Morning Radio” morning show.

WKSS (Kiss 95.7) – Hartford, CT – 4/11/97

Recorded 18  years ago this month, here is a sample of the “Kiss Club” dance mix show on Hartford’s longtime CHR outlet. In this era, the station offered an upbeat, high-energy presentation voiced by two of the industry’s finest: Mark Driscoll and Eric Edwards.  

KZQZ (Z95.7) – San Francisco, CA – 7/16/97

The Bay Area’s uptempo Z95.7 in its first week (recorded 17 years ago today); the station was still jockless at this time.  The dance-friendly approach was similar to Z104 (WWZZ) in Washington, D.C. and 102.7 ‘XYV (WXYV) in Baltimore; all three were consulted by Dan Vallie.

KCHZ (Channel Z-95.7) – Kansas City, MO – 6/20/98 – Mike O’Reilly

  According to Wikipedia, Channel Z-95.7 debuted as a Modern AC in January 1997. At some point in 1998, the station evolved to the first of many variations of Mainstream CHR. It seems that this aircheck was recorded in the middle of that transition – the “Groove Nation” mixshow seems to have been produced for Modern AC outlets, yet Channel Z-95.7 aired a listener’s phone call requesting “Too Close” by Next, which was more appropriate for a CHR station.