WRQX (Q107) – Washington, D.C. – 4/4/86 – Sandy Weaver

107.3 FM in Washington, D.C. has been Hot AC as “Mix 107.3″ since 1990. But in the 12 years prior, it was CHR/Top 40 as “Q107″. This is a sample of the station fromtthe peak era for the Mainstream CHR format in the mid 80’s – although the station arguably had what today sounds like a slight Adult lean.  And two years later, Q107 offered a rather “hairband”-heavy approach.  Thanks to Robyn Watts for contributing both of these airchecks. Our sister site, Airchexx.com, also features a pair of Q107 samples: Uncle Johnny, 12/26/83 Celeste Clark, 12/26/85 In addition, below are a pair of articles from The Washington Post about the flip from Q107 to Mix 107.3: Article #1 Article #2

KRTX (100.7 House Party) – Houston – 4/1/99

This is a montage of the early days of Latino-oriented “100.7 House Party.” It moved around the Houston-area radio dial and went through a couple of name changes before disappearing entirely in 2009. See this Wikipedia page for more detailed information. Editorial notes: No logo is available for 100.7 House Party. The logo shown here represents KRTX from its days on 104.9 FM. Go to formatchange.com for more details. The 4th musical selection on this aircheck is, quite possibly, the most obnoxious song I’ve ever heard.  It’s almost surreal that it was played on an FM station in a Top-10 market.

KZZP (104-7 ZZP) – Phoenix – 11/4/00 – Brent/Bret/Brett (?) Michaels

During the 80’s, KZZP 104.7 FM in Phoenix was one of the most successful Mainstream CHR stations in the country. According to the station’s Wikipedia page, it “produced a long list of future stars in the radio business”, and offered a music mix that was adventurous for a Top 40 station. However, a combination of changes in personalities, management, and overall pop music tastes led to the station’s downfall (in April 1991). Five years later, owner Nationwide Communications brought KZZP back to the airwaves with a Modern AC format, making an attempt to appeal to the listeners who grew up with the station as a CHR. The station performed well, ranking #1 in key demos by 1998. However, by that point, Jacor (now Clear Channel) had taken ownership of KZZP along with KGLQ (96.9). On Labor Day Wee...

WHTE (Hot 101.9) – Charlottesville, VA – 4/28/01 – Pauly Madison

Many thanks to Rory Francisco for contributing this aircheck and the detailed description below! Hot 101.9 WHTE launched in February 2001, giving Charlottesville its first CHR in many years. WHTE, owned by Clear Channel at the time, had previously been a jammin’ oldies format, WVSY “Y101.9.” Charlottesville is no longer an Arbitron rated market, but when it was, Hot 101.9 was consistently in the top 5 ratings-wise.  The signal is a class A that suffers from lots of multipath in the area due to the Blue Ridge Mountains, but WHTE has since added a downtown Charlottesville translator on 104.9 and a high quality Web stream and smartphone app that help with reception. PD Pauly Madison did a great job, keeping the station live and local as much as possible despite budget constr...

DYMZ (105.9 Wild FM) – Cebu, Philippines – 4/22/98 – Jolly Johnny (mix show)

This is one of a handful of non-US/Canadian airchecks in my collection. 105.9 Wild FM was a English-language CHR/Hot AC that included random dance mix shows (or at least that was the case on this tape.) The station used JAM’s “Hot KIIS” jingle package.

WDXD (103.3 VYB) – Daytona Beach, FL – April 1997

This is a montage of 103.3 VYB shortly after its debut, recorded 17 years ago this month. At the time, the station offered a relatively broad, interesting mix of CHR currents, recurrents and even gold. According to Wikipedia, the station’s call letters did not change to WYVB until November 1999.

KZZP 104.7 FM – Phoenix – 4/2/91 – Dave Ryan

Throughout the 80’s, KZZP/Phoenix enjoyed incredible success, establishing itself as one of America’s legendary CHRs.  Per the station’s Wikipedia page, it “produced a long list of future stars in the radio business”, and offered a music mix that was adventurous for a Top 40 station – as illustrated by the other KZZP montages posted here. But, like many of its peers in the format, KZZP struggled to adjust to changing pop music tastes in the early 90’s.  By the Spring of 1991, the station had morphed into an Adult CHR. This is a lengthy aircheck (recorded 23 years ago today) of the station’s morning show at the time, hosted by Dave Ryan.  Included are multiple references to the arrest of Danny Bonaduce (two days prior) — Bonaduce was employed by crosstown Rhythmic CHR KKFR ̶...

WKTJ 99.3 FM – Farmington, ME – 4/24/99

According to Wikipedia, WKTJ is the only commercial FM radio station in Franklin County, Maine. While lacking a polished presentation (at least on this aircheck, recorded 14 years ago this month), it is a fine example of what small town community radio should be. Among other unusual features, at the start of this montage is the conclusion of a program called “Booked on Reading”, giving listeners the opportunity to recite excerpts of their favorite books on the air.

WKRQ (Q102) – Cincinnati – 4/22/98 – Chris

According to Wikipedia, Cincinnati’s Q102 has offered some flavor of CHR format since 1975, making it one of the longest-running currently broadcasting Top 40 stations in the United States. This is a sample of the station from 1998, when it took a pure Adult CHR approach.