“95X” – New York City/Long Island area – Special K, DJ T.O.N.Y., Mike Matthews – 2/1/97

From February 1997, this is a sample of a pirate station broadcasting on 95.1 FM, presumably from somewhere in the New York City/Long Island area. It offered a cutting-edge Dance format, presumably as a rebuttal to the more Rhythmic AC-oriented WKTU, which had debuted a year earlier.

WJBQ (Q97.9) – Portland, ME – 2/27/99 – John Garabedian (OPEN HOUSE PARTY)

  Recorded 15 years ago today, this is a sample of the long-running syndicated “Open House Party” as heard on WJBQ in Portland, Maine. It includes an interview with the band Eve 6, following by an acoustic performance of their best-known hit, “Inside Out”.

WLIR (92.7 LIR) – Garden City (Long Island), NY – 2/19 & 2/20/19 – Andre

“The World Famous” WDRE/WLIR was one suburban New York’s greatest treasures until its sale to the predecessors of Univision in 2003. The station at one time was home base for a syndicated Modern Rock format known as “The Underground Network” and was heard in such cities as Albany, Little Rock, and Philadelphia. By 1998, the station had returned to its heritage WLIR call letters and settled in somewhere between Alternative Rock and Modern AC, with the tagline “New Wave…and New Rock”. This montage of WLIR was recorded 15 years ago this week. It features a sample of the station’s “Top 9 at 9” countdown from a Friday evening, and the “Saturday Night Dance Party” (live from a local bar/club) from the night after.

95.9 WRED – Portland, ME – 2/13/99 – Mike Shannon

Recorded 15 years ago today, this is a sample of Portland, Maine’s WRED during its days as a Mainstream CHR in the late 90’s. According to Wikipedia, the station eventually moved in a more hip-hop/rhythmic direction and remained that way until adopting a Sports format in August 2008. Apologies for the mediocre sound quality that plagues the first two-thirds of this aircheck; it sounds better starting around the 2:43 mark.

KNHC (C-89.5) – Seattle – 2/26/98

For more than 40 years, KNHC – owned by Seattle Public Schools and operated out of Nathan Hale High School – has been one of the best examples of non-commercial, student-run radio done right. For the majority of that time, it has focused on dance music, making it the longest-running (and one of the very few) stations of that format in the United States. This montage of the station was recorded 15 years ago today, in the midst of its transition from “C89″ to “C89.5″.

KKRD (107.3) – Wichita, KS – 2/15/00 – The Hitman

This is a sample of Wichita’s heritage CHR 107.3 KKRD at the start of the new millennium (recorded 13 years ago this week.)  Compared to other CHRs in the era (in general), KKRD’s presentation appeared to be more energetic and in particular, personality-heavy. According to Wikipedia: at this time, KKRD was in serious competition with Rhythmic CHR KDGS “Power 93.9”.  Four years later, KKRD’s format moved to 96.3 and the station was rebranded as “Channel 9-6-3” (KZCH).

97.5 WABB Mobile Final Day Part 4 – 2/29/2012

Part 4 of our journey through WABB’s history takes us through the rest of the 90’s and back into the 80’s. This segment of the history of the station features airchecks of Craig Andrews, the Two Goofy White Dudes morning show, and Gary Mitchell. Of note is a phone prank to station owner Bernie Dittman. Interviews and station tributes are made by Pablo (Now morning host at AAA 92.1 WZEW Mobile), Chris Smith (Now in mornings at 710 WNTM as “Uncle Henry“), Hot Ron Anthony, Former 1480 WABB DJ (and now OM/Chief Engineer of 92.1 WZEW) Tim Camp, “Marathon” Mike Stewart, and Barry “Gary Mitchell” Silvermann. For more on the history of WABB, Alvin Williams has produced a four part feature on Examiner.com. | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | P...

97.5 WABB Mobile Final Day Part 3 – 2/29/2012

WABB’s musical rewind enters the 1990’s. Included are interviews with Jo Valentine (who is putting together a WABB Tribute Site), Derek “Kane” Long, Little Joe, Pablo, and more airchecks and promos including a contest where listeners had the choice in winning stock in their competitor Cumulus Broadcasting, which was at $5 a share at time, or a $25 Wal-Mart gift card. More WABB tributes online include these from Fox 10 Mobile, Scott Sands, and Kat Slay. | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | The Final Hour |  

97.5 WABB Mobile Final Day Part 2 – 2/29/2012

As WABB’s final day progressed it began its rewind through its history. Featured in this segment are interviews with former Production and Imaging Director AJ McKay, Lori from the History Museum of Mobile who took possession of the WABBit mascot, Barry “Gary Mitchell” Silverman (one of the first morning hosts on WABB-FM) and Bernie Dittman’s grandson Julian. At 9am, the morning show bid adieu and the station began cycling back in time through the station’s musical history. This segment features WABB’s history in the 21st century as told via old sweepers and promos. The aforementioned AJ McKay has also placed a number of WABB airchecks, promos, and jingles for download at his site. | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | The Final Hour |  

97.5 WABB Mobile Final Day Part 1 – 2/29/2012

With a Top 40 heritage that dates back to 1959 via its AM sister all under the management of Dittman Broadcasting, the demise of 97.5 WABB-FM Mobile has hit the radio industry hard. With alumni as varied as WPLJ’s Scott Shannon, WABC-TV meteorologist Bill Evans, Cumulus VP/Programming Mike McVay, and former WNNX Atlanta and WRXP New York PD Leslie Fram, the station was a launching pad for many radio people. We pick up the station’s morning show just before 7:00 as the morning team of Q-Tip, Nick Fox, and Blondie begin the day long tribute to the station. This segment features interviews with the aforementioned Fram (now Senior VP of Music Strategy at CMT), former Program Director Chris Michaels (now PD/Afternoons at FM100 Memphis), former morning co-host Nina, and former PD Jam...