KHYS/KJOJ (Kiss 98-5, Kiss Again 103-3) – Houston – 2-24-97

“Radio sucks! We’re just trying to suck a little less!” One of the sweepers heard on Dance CHR “Kiss 98-5, Kiss Again 103-3” Port Arthur/Freeport/Houston.  This aircheck represents the first 45 minutes of the station (scoped); please visit the Format Change Archive (specifically, // to hear the actual sign-on (including the stunting that preceded it), along with more details on this station’s history.

KZZP 104.7 FM – Phoenix – 1986/1987 – “Saturday Night Party Patrol”

“If you’re offended by any of the programming you hear on the KZZP Saturday Night Party Patrol, please dial 1-800-EAT-SH…well, 328-7448” — one of the many entertaining sweepers defining this high-energy program on the legendary KZZP/Phoenix during the mid-80’s.

WSEX 92.7 (Top-10, WSEX) – Arlington Heights, IL – 8/25/87

92.7 FM in Arlington Heights, IL (suburban Chicago) has had many call letters and formats over the years.  In 1987, it was “Top-10, WSEX” — which, according to Wikipedia, meant that the station specialized in “only playing songs from the ’80s that had made Top 10 according to Billboard Magazine.” The most amusing aspect of this aircheck is not the format or musical selection, but the very laid-back manner in which the promos and jingles state the “WSEX” call letters.

WYTZ (Z95) – Chicago – Summer 1990 – Brian Kelly

A sample of Chicago’s Mainstream CHR Z95 (WYTZ 94.7 FM) at the start of the 1990’s.  At least on this aircheck, the station seemed to be leaning towards Adult Contemporary.  Not long after, Z95 went in the other direction, first as Hell 94.7 and then as the Rhythmic, high-energy Hot 94.7 FM.

KUBE 93 – Seattle – Jingles – 1996

A ReelWorld Productions jingle package produced for KUBE 93 (93.3) in Seattle, 1996.

KZZP 104.7 FM – Phoenix – 1980 to 1990 (?) – Bruce Kelly, Clarke Ingram, Steve Goddard, Tim Hattrick, Valerie Knight, Jim Morales

Composite of KZZP 104.7 FM Phoenix – “The #1 Hit Music Station” – from what appears to be the mid to late 1980’s and possibly 1990.  Features Bruce Kelly, Clarke Ingram (possibly his first or one of his first shows on the station), Steve Goddard, Tim Hattrick, Valerie Knight, and Jim Morales.  Note the 260-6404 phone number – this later changed to 260-1047. There also appears to be a segment recorded from the former KZZP 1310 AM.  I believe this was a simulcast of the FM for most/all of its existence.  However, this segment seems to imply that the programming was, at least at that moment, different on the two; can anyone clarify this? // indicates that KZZP-AM became Adult Standards as KXAM on 2/19/90; the segment references Adult Stand...

KIOC 106.1 (Power Hits, K106) – Beaumont, TX – 1990

Legal ID of “Power Hits, K106” (KIOC 106.1 Beaumont, TX), presumably from the late 80’s or early 90’s. (Can someone confirm the year?)

WZZN (94.7 The Zone) – Chicago – 2000 or 2001 – Jeffrey T. Mason

Jeffrey T. Mason on 80’s-formatted 94.7 the Zone (WZZN Chicago), playing a classic legal ID from the station’s days as CHR WLS-FM in the 80’s.

KOOL 94.5 – Phoenix – May 1997 – Randy Stevens

Composite of Randy Stevens on KOOL 94.5 FM Phoenix, May 1997.

WKTU – 1996 – Jingles

A ReelWorld Productions jingle package produced for 103.5 FM WKTU-FM/New York City, 1996.

KHYI 94.9 (Y95) – Dallas – TM Productions Demo Jingles – November 1988

A TM Productions demo jingle package produced for Y95 (KHYI 94.9 FM, Dallas). Thanks to Neal Bowden for the following info: “The Y95 demo is from Nov 1988. These jingles never actually went to air as KHYI was used as the pilot station for demo purposes only. Y95 were using JAM jingles around that time.”

KZZP 104.7 FM – Phoenix – late 80’s / early 90’s

Sweepers and jingles on KZZP 104.7 FM Phoenix in the late 80’s and/or early 90’s. Includes many used for the very entertaining and creative for the “Saturday Night Party Patrol”.