WHYT (Power 96) – Detroit – 7/21/89 – Electrifying Fogel

This is a sample of Detroit’s Power 96 when it was still a pure Mainstream CHR, and a couple of years before (per Wikipedia) Modern Rock 89X entered in the market and took away a large portion of the teen & young adult audience. IMHO – and I say this as someone who wasn’t living in Detroit at the time and (outside of Wikipedia) is unfamiliar with the competitive landscape there at the time – Power 96’s approach at this time strikes me as being surprisingly conservative considering that it served a large, ethnically diverse market. Many thanks to Rich Marino for contributing this aircheck.

WKSE (Kiss 98.5) – Buffalo, NY – 7/18/93

Recorded 23 years ago today, here’s a sample of Buffalo’s longtime CHR outlet. Kiss 98.5 is seemingly one of the relatively few stations to have stuck with a Mainstream CHR format during a year (1993) when most of its peers had either begun leaning towards either a Modern Rock or Rhythmic approach, or had abandoned CHR altogether.

KHYI (Power 95) – Dallas/Ft. Worth – 7/8/91 – JoJo Wright

Power 95, which used a Dance-heavy approach, represented the final attempt to make some form of CHR format work on the 94.9 frequency in Dallas/Fort Worth.  (It had previously been known as “Y95”). This aircheck includes a commercial featuring Pauly Shore in which he explains one of the benefits of having call waiting from GTE. About three months after this aircheck was recorded, the station became “Oldies 94.9”. 94.9 is now known as “94.9 KLTY” and, per Wikipedia, is considered the #1 Contemporary Christian station in the U.S.

WMGI (100.7 Mix-FM) – Terre Haute, IN – 7/26/97 – Todd Dorn (?)

Recorded 19 years ago this month, this is a sample of Terre Haute’s longtime Mainstream CHR. Compared to its approach from two years prior, the station sounded much more like what one would expect to hear from a small Midwestern market. WMGI maintained this approach three years later.

WJXY (Hot 93) – Myrtle Beach, SC – 7/29/98

This montage of “The Beat of the Beach” was recorded 18 years ago this month. With its rather unique approach to CHR (pop/rhythmic-leaning currents blended with early 90’s dance), this qualifies as one of my all-time personal favorite airchecks. Contributor Robyn Watts provided the following information when the other Hot 93 aircheck on our site originally appeared on our site back in April 2011: ==== Hot 93 was a CHR that Cumulus had signed on the air back in late 1998 and was actually 2 stations simulcasting each other (93.7 WXJY from Georgetown, SC and 93.9 WJXY is from Conway, SC). Both signals together covered the majority of the market adequately, but missed much of the north end of the Grand Strand. Around 2001, sister Classic Rock outlet WSEA (100.3) flipped to a ...

WWZZ/WWVZ (Z104) – Washington D.C. – 7/18/99 – Hollywood Haze, Billy Bush

Recorded 17 years ago this month, here’s a great sample of the station that represented the Mainstream CHR format in our nation’s capital during the mid to late 90’s.  On this aircheck, Z104 offered a seemingly full-service approach, with traffic and weather elements alongside the music – which is particularly impressive considering that this was recorded on a Sunday evening. Features a promo for the Bush League morning show, starring Billy Bush, who now has his own nationally syndicated program. Z104, at least in its early days, offered a dance-friendly approach similar to nearby WXYV (102.7 ‘XYV) in Baltimore and KZQZ (Z95.7) in San Francisco; all three stations were consulted by Dan Vallie.

WKTU (103.5 The New ‘KTU) – New York – 7/5/96 (Top 300 countdown) – Geronimo

In February 1996, Country WYNY flipped to WKTU, offered what we now call a Rhythmic AC format, and went from worst to first in one rating book – an absolutely remarkable feat for any radio station, particularly in America’s #1 market. This is a sample of the station about 5 months after its debut (recorded 20 years ago today, over Independence Day Weekend 1996), when it aired a countdown of the Top 300 New York dance records.

WTNX (Mix 96) – Sharpville, PA/Youngstown, OH – July 1999

Recorded 16 years ago this month, this is a montage of WTNX during its days as a Modern AC. The station now has the call letters WAKZ with a CHR format, calling itself “95.9 Kiss-FM”.

KKDL (106.7 KDL) – Dallas/Fort Worth – 7/5/04

Recorded 11 years ago this month, here is a montage of a great-sounding but short-lived attempt at making the Dance format work in Dallas/Fort Worth, nearly two years after its debut. Left intact is a humorous promo indicating a flip to “The Medical Channel” the following month if listeners didn’t support KDL’s advertisers. Per Wikipedia, later in the year, the station began moving in a Rhythmic CHR direction as it attempted to target young Hispanic listeners.

WSUL (98.3) – Monticello, NY – 7/22/98 – Brenda Jagger

Recorded 22 years ago today, this is a sample of one of the best all-around small market CHR stations I’ve ever heard. At this time, WSUL’s playlist included recurrent dance hits in addition to standard Top-40 selections.

WJYY/WNHQ (105.5 ‘JYY/92.1 ‘NHQ) – Concord/Petersborough, NH – 7/17/98 – Jeremy Dale, Chad Erickson

Recorded 17 years ago this month, this is a sample of New Hampshire’s longtime CHR station, from its days on both 105.5 FM WJYY and 92.1 WNHQ. Featured is both regular programming and an outstanding high-energy dance mix show named “Club 105”. Left intact is a commercial for LASIK surgery promoting eased goat-milking as a benefit.

WBTJ (101.9 The Beat) – Youngstown, OH – July 1999

Recorded 16 years ago this month, here’s a sample of a relatively short-lived Rhythmic CHR whose existence was characterized by legal issues between a local owner and Jacor/Clear Channel. Please visit Wikipedia and leagle.com for more information.