Keith Curry

WSNX 104.5 – Grand Rapids, MI – 8/15/97 – Keith Curry

WSNX was one of the best CHRs of the mid/late 90’s, offering an upbeat music mix and outstanding jingles & sweepers, voiced by the late and great Brian James.  This was very impressive for a medium-sized market.

WSNX 104.5 – Grand Rapids, MI – 8/14/98 – Keith Curry

WSNX was one of the standout CHRs of the mid/late 90′s.  This sample of the station (recorded 16 years ago today) was during Friday night mixshow programming, when the station branded itself as “Party Radio 104.5, WSNX”. The music featured on this mix is more reminiscent of what would have been heard on a similarly formatted station in a larger market. (Perhaps the station took a page from the playbook of Chicago’s B96, which was audible in some of the same areas of West Michigan as WSNX.) This was a “live to air” program hosted from a club named The Orbit Room.  On this particular evening, the boyband 98 Degrees was making an appearance at said venue.

WKFR (103.3) & WSNX (104.5) – Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids, MI – 8/15/97 – Dr. Dave Michaels & Keith Curry

Recorded on the same evening (16 years ago yesterday), this is a sample of longtime CHR stations serving neighboring markets in West Michigan. Both stations were offering Friday mixshow programming when the airchecks were being recorded; WKFR referred to itself as “Club 103” while WSNX branded itself as “Party Radio 104.5, WSNX”.