WJYY/WNHQ (105.5 ‘JYY/92.1 ‘NHQ) – Concord/Petersborough, NH – 7/17/98 – Jeremy Dale, Chad Erickson

Recorded 17 years ago this month, this is a sample of New Hampshire’s longtime CHR station, from its days on both 105.5 FM WJYY and 92.1 WNHQ. Featured is both regular programming and an outstanding high-energy dance mix show named “Club 105”. Left intact is a commercial for LASIK surgery promoting eased goat-milking as a benefit.

105-108 Vibe FM – East of England, UK – 12/28/97

Recorded 16 years ago this month, this is a montage of the station now known as “Kiss 105-108.” ¬†According to Wikipedia, Vibe 105-108 was more dance-oriented; the switch to the “Kiss” name also transitioned the format to a more Urban approach.