Rhythmic AC

WKTU (103.5 The New KTU) – Diane Pryor & WHTZ (Z100) – Billy Hammond – New York – 10/15/98

  Both recorded 15 years ago today, this is a sample of the two dominant CHR stations in the largest U.S. media market during the late 1990’s. WKTU offered what we now call a Rhythmic AC format, while Z100, true to its roots, aired a straight-ahead Mainstream CHR format.

KSES (Kiss-FM) – Palm Springs, CA (surrounding area) – 8/29/97

Recorded 16 years ago today (on a Labor Day Weekend road trip from Phoenix to Los Angeles), this is a sample of a station that served the area around Palm Springs, CA. “Kiss-FM” originated on KSES 106.9 FM in Yucca Valley, with translators on K232CX 94.3 FM in Desert Hot Springs and K280CV 103.9 FM in Cathedral City. The format was essentially an unfocused but entertaining form of Rhythmic AC, with a Soft AC-ish presentation. I seem to recall hearing that the station was forced to change its name due to its proximity to 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles; can anyone confirm/deny this?

KWNZ (106.3 Pop-FM) – Reno, NV – 8/23/13 – “Wild” Bill Shakespeare

FMairchecks.com specializes almost entirely in material that was originally recorded between the late 80’s and early 2000’s. However, on occasion, we will showcase current radio stations.  Today’s posting offers the best of both worlds. In May of 2013, Times-Shamrock Communications officially signed on 106.3 FM as a brand new signal in the Reno market, featuring the heritage KWNZ call letters that had previously been in use for CHR formats, first 97.3 FM and later 93.7 FM. The format is best described as “Gold Based CHR” – focusing primarily on CHR hits from the 80’s through early 2000’s that were played on the original version of KWNZ, along with a sprinking of compatible pop/dance-rhythmic  currents. What makes Pop-FM truly unique, even in ...

KIBB (B100) – Los Angeles – 6/25/97 – Nino

  Following the “worst-to-first” success of New York’s WKTU in 1996, a number of stations around the U.S. attempted similar formats (essentially Rhythmic AC) in their markets. B100 was one example – but the station never came close to achieving KTU-like numbers. It debuted in the Fall of 1996, emphasizing 70′s and 80′s Dance/R&B selections and positioning itself with the slogan “LA’s Hot FM.” Several months later, Viacom sold the station to Chancellor (which became AMFM). During the Spring of 1997, Chancellor tried to improve the station by making it more current-intensive, but the end result was a rather unfocused format. The station’s slogan became “The Rhythm of L.A.” (and eventually, as heard on this aircheck, “The New Rhythm of Southern California”). H...

WNEW (Mix 102.7) – New York – 5/28/06 – Ray Rossi, Freddie Colon

From Memorial Day Weekend seven years ago, this is a sample of “The Legends of Dance Weekend” on New York’s WNEW, during its days as a Rhythmic AC. Features “The Best of the 90’s” and “Best of Freestyle”.

103.5 Kiss-FM (hosted by Elmer “AJ” Karaan) & 95.5 Star-FM – Cebu, Philippines – 4/19/98

About once a month, FMairchecks.com will feature content from outside of the United States. For April 2013, we present a pair of stations from Cebu in the Philippines. 103.5 Kiss-FM was a full-blown English language CHR that made frequent use of very familiar-sounding jingles.  95.5 Star-FM offered an English-language presentation and appeared to be some form of what we now call Rhythmic AC – most of this aircheck was recorded during a 70’s/80’s Classic Dance specialty show known as “Disco Recall”. Courtesy of contributor Ryan Bishop (added 3/27/17) — DYCD was known as Kiss FM until 2002, when it turned into 103.5 Wild FM, then in 2015 it became 103.5 Retro Cebu, where it has a Classic hits format. DYCD is currently Retro Cebu. Its Classic hits format is...

WKPO (Power 105-9) – Janesville, WI – 1/22/98

“We’re puttin’ down the beat, with less repeat” — Power 105-9 was essentially a Rhythmic AC with a wide playlist — making it a relatively unique sounding station for its era and region (Southern Wisconsin).

WKTU (103.5 the New ‘KTU) – New York – October ’97 – Broadway Bill Lee

  In February 1996, Country WYNY flipped to WKTU, offered what we now call a Rhythmic AC format, and went from worst to first in one rating book – an absolutely remarkable feat for any radio station, particularly in America’s #1 market. This is a sample of the station about 18 months after it debut. While this aircheck was being recorded, host Broadway Bill Lee (along with an assortment of lucky listeners) was on-site at a Virgin Megastore for a Janet Jackson CD release party.