The Edge

KEDJ/KDDJ (106.3/100.3 the Edge) – FINAL DAY – Phoenix – 10/30/01

Recorded 12 years ago today, this is a sample of the final evening of “The Edge” and its Modern Rock format on 106.3 KEDJ/Sun City, AZ & 100.3/Globe, AZ (along with 106.5 KBZR/Arizona City).  The personality on this aircheck* hints at changes coming the next day, but primarily in terms of his own employment The next day, around Noon… The Edge abruptly moved to 103.9 (replacing Rhythmic CHR “103-9 the Party” KPTY) Spanish-language programming debuted on the former “Edge” signals This article gives behind the scene details about the changes. Probably only coincidentally, exact five years prior, the first of multiple Rhythmic CHR attempts made its debut on this same frequency. * – Please note that the personality heard on this aircheck (R...

KZZP 104.7 FM – Phoenix – late 80’s

“K-Mart’s loudspeakers…one place you’ll never hear music on The Edge” — this late 80’s aircheck of KZZP focuses primarily on “The Edge” — a nightly program playing what was considered “Alternative” music at the time.  This was several years before full-time commercial Alternative formats became available on the Phoenix FM dial.