Tim Byrd

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 9/25/91 – Dave Ryan, Dena Fox, Scott Thrower

  “100,000 watts of music power…” Recorded 23 years ago this week, below is a detailed sample of the dominant CHR station in Phoenix for most of the 1990’s, at the start of that decade. Specifically, this is a montage of the “Power Morning Zoo”. The star of the show was Dave Ryan, who had joined Power 92 recently, after being at Adult CHR KZZP through its final days. Ryan departed KKFR in March 1993 and landed at legendary Mainstream CHR KDWB/Minneapolis – and as of September 2014, he remains their morning show host. During Ryan’s final days at KZZP, one of the morning show hosts at Power 92 (the main host?) was Danny Bonaduce. However, following an incident involving a prostitute, Bonaduce found himself first on administrative leave and...