Tony in the Morning

KKXX (105.3) – Bakersfield, CA – 6/7/96 – Steve Austin

Since 1977, the KKXX call letters have been associated with four different frequencies in the Bakersfield market.  In mid-1996, the station was found at 105.3 FM and enjoyed great success with its incredibly broad Rhythmic CHR music mix that included numerous recurrent and gold selections, but seemingly lacked anything that resembled “hard” hip-hop — a rarity, especially on the West Coast.  (The station that came closest to this approach may have been KKFR “Power 92” in Phoenix.) Sadly, KKXX was probably too diverse for its own good — the following year, competition arrived in Kiss 94.1 (KISV), which focused on hip-hop and R&B.  This sent KKXX into a tailspin that resulted in, among other failures, additional frequency changes along with a cease and ...