Kiss 100 – London – 7/21/97

This is a sample of London’s long-running Rhythmic CHR. More information about the history of the “Kiss” franchise can be found here.

97.4 Rock FM – Lancashire, UK – 7/1/97 – Jamie Moore

This is one of a handful of airchecks in my collection from the United Kingdom.  97.4 Rock FM sounds quite different from any U.S. station I’m aware of that calls or brands itself as “Rock”! Per info supplied by Neal Bowden when this aircheck originally appeared on this site in 2011: There is an urban myth the name Rock FM comes from Blackpool rock, which is a very hard stick of candy. Blackpool is in the heart of the stations coverage area and a lot of people take vacation there every year. It never has been and never will be a rock station! Thanks to Ryan Bishop for finding and supplying the logo.

BBC Radio 1 – London – 12/31/97

Recorded on New Years Eve 1997 (17 years ago today), this is a montage of the BBC’s pop-oriented radio format, heard throughout the Greater London area. Included are samples of both mixshow and regular programming. According to Transmission Zero, the other BBC Radio offerings are Adult Contemporary, Classical and a spoken-word format that combines News, Comedy and Drama.

105-108 Vibe FM – East of England, UK – 12/28/97

Recorded 16 years ago this month, this is a montage of the station now known as “Kiss 105-108.”  According to Wikipedia, Vibe 105-108 was more dance-oriented; the switch to the “Kiss” name also transitioned the format to a more Urban approach.

Galaxy 101 – Bristol, UK – 6/7/98

From time to time, will feature material from outside the United States. This sample of Galaxy 101 from Bristol (recorded 15 years ago this month) is one of a handful of UK airchecks in my collection.