“WFSH” (Fresh 106) – “New York” – 6/13/97

Fresh 106 was one of the earliest Internet-only streamers. Its high-energy presentation, voiced by the legendary Mitch Craig, its use of the fictional WFSH call letters, the presence of mainstream commercials and the availability of FM-quality streams made it sound very much like a traditional radio station. Reviewing the “FAQ” section of the defunct Fresh 106 Website via Fresh 106 targeted the New York City market, but was apparently based in San Francisco. Musically, the station seemed to position itself between hip-hop/R&B-dominated Hot 97 (WQHT) and recurrent/classic dance-heavy 103.5 WKTU, taking many potshots at the latter. Fresh 106 debuted on 3/21/97. Functioning archived versions of the Fresh 106 website are available through 5/31/02, implying that it ...