WNND (Windy 100) – Chicago – 10/1/97 (FIRST HOUR)

Recorded 17 years ago today, this is (most of) the first hour of what, in my opinion, represents the textbook definition of stereotypical Adult Contemporary radio. Visit this page on Formatchange.com to hear the actual sign-on, along with more details on the history of this station.

WPNT (Chicago’s 100.3) – 6/10/97 – Todd Manley

This is the first version of “Chicago’s 100.3”, recorded about 3 months before a format/name change to AC as “Windy 100”.  However, the presentation on this aircheck made it sound like the transition was going to occur much sooner. The station adopted the “Chicago’s 100.3” name again a decade later, with another variation of the Adult Contemporary format. And following another change to “Rewind 100.3” in 2010, “Chicago’s 100.3” returned yet again in December 2013. More details about the history of 100.3 FM can be found on this Wikipedia page.