WSPK (K104) – Poughkeepsie, NY – 7/23/98 – Danny Valentino

This is a sample of the heritage CHR in New York’s Hudson Valley from the late 90’s — one of the best in the country at that time, in my humble opinion.  At this time, from a musical perspective, K104 offered a rather unique approach that mixed youth-oriented Rhythmic currents (including dance remixes of pop hits) and gold. According to Wikipedia, the station (which now calls itself “K104.7”) is still live in all dayparts, with local personalities and ownership.  Be sure to check out the other K104 aircheck on our site (also hosted by Danny Valentino).

WSPK (K104) – Poughkeepsie, NY – 11/26/99 – Danny Valentino

The Hudson Valley’s heritage CHR (one of the best in America, IMHO), during the station’s “Most Wanted” segment.