DYCD - 103.5 Kiss-FMDYMX - 95.5 Star-FM

103.5 Kiss-FM (hosted by Elmer “AJ” Karaan) & 95.5 Star-FM – Cebu, Philippines – 4/19/98

About once a month, FMairchecks.com will feature content from outside of the United States. For April 2013, we present a pair of stations from Cebu in the Philippines.

103.5 Kiss-FM was a full-blown English language CHR that made frequent use of very familiar-sounding jingles.  95.5 Star-FM offered an English-language presentation and appeared to be some form of what we now call Rhythmic AC – most of this aircheck was recorded during a 70’s/80’s Classic Dance specialty show known as “Disco Recall”.

Courtesy of contributor Ryan Bishop (added 3/27/17) — DYCD was known as Kiss FM until 2002, when it turned into 103.5 Wild FM, then in 2015 it became 103.5 Retro Cebu, where it has a Classic hits format. DYCD is currently Retro Cebu. Its Classic hits format is mostly 70s, 80s, and 90s.


  1. Hi! It is a very pleasant surprise to hear my KISS-FM aircheck here. I was just surfing the net, looking for anything about my former radio station in Cebu City, Philippines – 103.5 KISS-FM, hoping to find something to give me good memories and I came across this. I can’t believe it! It’s amazing! Do you have any more of my airchecks? You must have more or longer than the 6 minutes I can hear here. Also I’m wondering how did you end up with my aircheck? Are you a US or Philippine based company? I hope you could provide me answers to these questions of mine. Please send me an email. Thank you very much.

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