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Quote 864

Quote 864 – Hong Kong – 12/15/97

Most of the material on, to the surprise of no one we hope, was recorded from the FM band. The majority of the content here  also pertains to U.S. radio stations. Today’s posting is the exception on both accounts. This is a sample of Hong Kong’s “Quote 864”, recorded 18 years ago this month.

There is minimal non-music material – what made this station stand out (at least in comparison to what’s found in the U.S.) was its relatively diverse music mix. The majority of this aircheck was recorded during a mixshow named, simply enough, “Mix Party”. Also left intact are a pair of Public Service Announcements that aired during brief breaks.

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  1. I always enjoy lisetning to FM radio from other continents and this is one of them. Very interesting hearing the music being played on a Hong Kong station in 1997, but perhaps we can hear a few more sounds in the future.


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