102.7 WNEW

WNEW (102.7 Blink) – New York – 5/15/03 – Todd Newton


Blink 102.7 may be recognized as the biggest flop in radio history. After the demise of WNEW’s former Hot Talk format (due to the firing of star hosts Opie & Anthony in August 2002 as a result of backlash from the Sex For Sam stunt at St. Patrick’s Cathedral), the station trudged along until April 2003 when Blink launched with a splashy launch party. The format tried to bring an E! (Entertainment Television) vibe to radio. Many of the hosts had television experience, including afternoon hosts Todd Newton and Alison Stewart. Even the imaging voice of actor Kiefer Sutherland was a departure from the norm. Musically, the station was a very broad Rhythmic AC with an interactive element using taking instant requests via AOL Instant Messenger. The station featured numerous entertainment news reports from MTV, VH1, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, and US Magazine.

Blink was well ahead of its time. And maybe it was not given enough time to work. By September all but one of the personalities were let go and the station refocused as a traditional AC. In November it went all Christmas music and on December 26 the Blink name was replaced by Mix 102.7.

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