101.1 WKQX - Q101

WKQX (Q101) – Chicago – July 1991 – Greg Brown

“More Music, More Fun…Q101”

101.1 FM in Chicago has been synonymous with the Modern Rock format for most of the last 25 years, and so it’s easy to forget that the station didn’t always have that format.  In this montage, you’ll hear Q101 near the end of its days as an Adult Top 40/Hot AC.  According to this Wikipedia page, it evolved into more of a Modern AC direction later in the year and then full-fledged Modern Rock by 1992.

Left intact is a commercial promoting the grand opening of the Gurnee Mills mall – which I believe was one of the first of its kind.  (I spent the best years of my childhood in Gurnee and couldn’t resist including this.)


  1. Great, killed a Chicago legend for another news station that plays the same as 101.9 hope is dies as fast as it came up.

  2. What jingle package is being used in this air check? I really like the ramp with the double Q101 sing out.

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