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95.5 WPLJ / New York NY

WPLJ Reunion Day Part 2: Scott Shannon Returns

The all-day WPlJ Reunion brought out the big guns for this 12pm-2pm segment. The first hour saw Scott Shannon and the rest of his 101.1 WCBS-FM morning show cast members Patty Steele, Joe Nolan, and Brad Blanks return to WPLJ and reunite with Todd Pettingill for the first time since Shannon exited after 22 years at the station in 2014.

The 1pm hour was hosted by 1983-1999 host Fast Jimi Roberts (now hosting afternoons at 101.9 WLIF Baltimore) and early 1990’s evening host turned TV host AJ Hammer. Jimi and AJ were joined by a pair of current WCBS-FM hosts ‘Broadway’ Bill Lee and overnight host Dave Stewart, the latter of which spent two decades at WPLJ as well as former “Power 95” superfan/contest winner turned mega-star Debbie Gibson before turning the ship over to Jim Kerr.

The full list of guests include:

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