92.3 KKFR – Power 92

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 12/25/95 – Brian Simpson

Today’s Hottest Music is on Power 92″. This aircheck, recorded in the middle of the night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 1995, represents the sound of KKFR (92.3) Glendale/Phoenix that led the station to an al-time high 7.0 Arbitron share (12+). At this time, Power 92 offered superb all-around music, air talent, and production values. It’s somewhat surreal to listen to this aircheck and realize that a live jock (Brian Simpson) was on the air during this holiday time period, reading a live legal ID — both of those elements are virtually unheard-of today. Included is a shaky-voiced call-in from yours truly, requesting a version of a song that I had never (and still have never) heard on any other station.

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 2001 – Charlie Huero & DJ Shy (Aquanet Set)

Since June of 1997, KKFR — both at its former home on 92.3 FM, and at its current home on 98.3 FM — has made hip-hop and R&B the primary (if not exclusive) focus of its Rhythmic CHR format.  However, in the early 2000’s, it would offer a return to its dance-oriented roots for a brief period each Sunday night.  A portion of the “Lowrider Oldies Show” (also known as the “Sunday Night Old School Show”) was known as the “Aqua Net Set”.  This program — whose name refers to the hairspray-laden members of freestyle acts in the 1980’s — originated (?) and was made famous by KKFR’s former sister station, KPWR (Power 106) in Los Angeles. Note that, at this time, KKFR was transitioning from “Power 9...

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – Spring ’95 – Bruce Kelly & Maggie Brock

Unofficial station composite of Power 92 (KKFR 92.3 FM Glendale/Phoenix) – early Spring 1995.  Features morning show hosts Bruce Kelly & Maggie Brock during the “Flashback Friday” segment.

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 1997 – Reelworld Jingles

A ReelWorld Productions jingle package produced for Power 92 (KKFR 92.3 FM Glendale/Phoenix) circa 1997. Many of these were for Bruce Kelly’s morning show.

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 1994 (JAM Jingles)

A JAM jingle package (“Hit Power”?) produced for Power 92 (KKFR 92.3 FM Glendale/Phoenix) circa 1994. I don’t recall hearing most of these on the air.