WJXY (Cruisin’ Country 93X) – Myrtle Beach, SC – 2/16/98 – Keith Butler

“Broadcasting from the edge of the continent, Cruisin’ Country…the all new 93X” — that’s a quote from this aircheck courtesy of the one and only Mitch Craig — a legendary talent who was more commonly heard on CHR and Urban stations. Later in 1998, these stations flipped to CHR as “Hot 93” — check out a sample of that station here. And very recently, the Southern Rock/Country format employed by 93X returned to this frequency, this time branded as “93.9 The Outlaw”.

JODW (76.1 InterFM) – Tokyo – 1/28/98 – K.C.

The majority of content on FMairchecks.com pertains to U.S. radio stations. However, we do offer a few exceptions, such as this sample of Tokyo’s long-running 76.1 InterFM. According to Wikipedia, this predominantly English language station “mirrors American FM radio style”. However, not surprisingly, the playlist, at least at the time of this recording, was much more adventurous than one would find on a typical U.S. station with a CHR format. A welcome difference is the inclusion of a news update. While we don’t know the timeframe of if/when the station used them, artist Ben Folds included jingles he performed for InterFM on his 2010 B-Sides & Rarities Album “Songs For Goldfish”.

WKPO (Power 105-9) – Janesville, WI – 1/22/98

“We’re puttin’ down the beat, with less repeat” — Power 105-9 was essentially a Rhythmic AC with a wide playlist — making it a relatively unique sounding station for its era and region (Southern Wisconsin).

WBPM (B94) – Kingston/Poughkeepsie, NY – 12/21/98

WBPM (B94) in New York’s Hudson Valley is one of the most unique stations I’ve ever heard. Musically, it offered an unfocused Rhythmic CHR format that featured many not-so-mainstream Dance selections.  Production-wise, it used dated jingles and sweepers — presumably from the station’s glory days in the 1980′s — voiced by the legendary Charlie Van Dyke. This montage of the station was recorded 14 years ago today.

WCBR/WBRO (92.7 Kiss-FM) – suburban Chicago – 11/25/98

In November 1998, pure Mainstream CHR was heard on Chicagoland airwaves (for the first time in many years) with the launch of “92.7 Kiss-FM“ on a pair of suburban signals. This is a sample of the station about a week and a half after its debut (recorded 14 years ago today.) More information on the history of this station can be found at Wikipedia.  

WXSS (103.7 Kiss-FM) – Milwaukee – 8/10/98

This is a sample of Milwaukee’s 103.7 Kiss-FM not long after its launch. The station represented one of the finest examples of Mainstream CHR I’ve ever heard, offering multiple hits from multiple contemporary genres, without any sort of “lean”. In addition, the duo of 1980′s style jingles and Mitch Craig voiceovers made this station almost one of a kind for its era.  

WCRX (88.1 ‘CRX) – Chicago – 8/7/98 – Taco

WCRX has been the longtime product of Columbia College Chicago.  It was, and still is, one of the most dance music-friendly radio stations in the country. More information can be found at Wikipedia.

Beat Radio (on KIDR-AM 740 Phoenix) – 1998

During the mid-90′s, KIDR (740 AM) in Phoenix was one of several radio stations across the U.S. affiliated with the childrens’-targetted “Radio AAHS” network. Ten of these stations were owned by Radio AAHS. By January 1998, with Radio Disney having launched its own competing network, Radio AAHS ceased operations. They put the ten stations up for sale (KIDR had joined this group not long before the sale was announced). Until a buyer was found, the affiliates (both the AAHS-owned and non-owned stations) aired a mix of random music and paid programming for 12 hours (4am-4pm PT), and all-dance “Beat Radio” for the remaining 12 hours (4pm-4am PT). This is a sample of Beat Radio, recorded at some point during its 8-month run from February to October of that year. Much more detailed information c...

WSSR (Star 95.7) – Clearwater/Tampa Bay, FL – 7/4/98 – Ken Martin

During the early 1990’s, as popular music became more fragmented, many Mainstream CHRs in the United States chose to lean towards either hip-hop/R&B or modern rock.  By the middle of the decade, the format began to return to its variety-oriented roots.  At the same time, a number of stations found success by offering a “lighter” version of the modern rock format – known as Modern AC.  One such station was Tampa Bay’s Star 95.7, which debuted in 1998.  This is a sample of the station from Independence Day weekend that year.

KHTT (106.9 K-Hits) – Tulsa – 7/5/98 – Grove Budda

“Broadcasting from a porta potty in Broken Arrow…”.  106.9 K-Hits was one of my favorite CHRs of the mid-90′s.  After longtime ownership by Renda Broadcasting, the station was just sold to Journal Broadcast Group.    

WKKZ 92.7 – Dublin, GA – 8/15/98

In the late 1990’s, WKKZ was a very broad and interesting Mainstream CHR – as heard on this aircheck. According to Wikipedia, the station now programs a Modern AC format.  

WPOW (Power 96) – Miami – 11/25/98 – DJ Laz

Miami’s Power 96 is one of America’s heritage Rhythmic CHRs.  It has always offered an approach custom-tailored to its unique market – a rarity in an increasingly homogenized and corporate-dominated radio environment. This is a sample of the station from the night before Thanksgiving in 1998.