104.5 WSNX

WSNX (104.5) – Grand Rapids, MI – 6/1/98 – Brita, Fast Eddie

WSNX was one of the standout CHRs of the mid/late 90′s.  It offered an upbeat, recurrent-friendly music mix accompanied by outstanding jingles & sweepers, voiced by the late and great Brian James. Very impressive for a medium-sized market. This aircheck was recorded 17 years ago today.


  1. I remember this era. I was probably listening that very day. There was a really strong storm/wind burst that traveled through a long area. Caused some major wind damage in Milwaukee and continued on to West Michigan. They’re talking about it on this aircheck.

    WSNX has always been a regular visitor during DX conditions. It would come in all the time. I have a few tapes of this station that I recorded on this side of the lake in August of 1998.

    They moved to their current transmitter site not long after.

  2. WSNX has always been an interesting CHR. Really interesting a market size like West Michigan having a heavy-Urban CHR.

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