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WSNX (104.5) – Grand Rapids, MI – 12/29/97 – Brita, Fast Eddie

WSNX was one of the standout CHRs of the mid/late 90′s.  It offered an upbeat, recurrent-friendly music mix accompanied by outstanding jingles & sweepers, voiced by the late and great Brian James. Very impressive for a medium-sized market.

This aircheck was recorded 18 years ago today and is absolutely one of the best in my collection.


  1. I remember Brian James very well. What a great guy. He loved his job and never complained. If he did it was in a funny way. He was my morning man at US 93 WXUS in Lafayette In. This was early in his career. Just a short stop on the way to greatness. I will always miss him. Just came across a photo of he and I last night. I lost several of my personalities to Grand Rapids. Truly some of the best radio in that market. I think this station is an outstanding station that connects with listeners. Thanks for this website. It is inspiring and a great tool to preserve radio history.

  2. Hey Bob, how are things over there at K105? I live in Kokomo!

    I hear on this aircheck KDWB 1996 package is being used. I think she forgot to give the weather on that first part, whoops!

  3. This brings back great memories. I remember Brita from the air…but I will always the first time I met her at church. I had no idea who she was at the time, other than a very tall. That does not come across on the radio! What a great person.

  4. Forgive me for being so late catching up with the reply. I actually just stumbled on this aircheck from Grand Rapids again because it fell on my birthday December 29 Sorry I missed your comment. I thought maybe the girl on the air check was doing a voice track show however this was 1997 so I doubt it plus she said the time at 1:15 Always inspired by good radio and I love this site I’m still at K-1 05 doing middays. Our station just sold for the first time since the very early 90s. It’s a family owned group that purchased us from Illinois everyone seems to be excited and so I’m I. This past year we got a brand-new tower in sight that covers most of northern and central Indiana. It should get a great signal into Kokomo. Happy new year 2016

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