KMEL (106.1) – San Francisco – 8/25/84 – Marvelous Mark McKay

31 years ago yesterday, Rock-formatted KMEL “Kamel 106” came to an end, replaced by what would become a legendary CHR station. At its onset, the station’s nickname was “All Hit 106”; over time, it began to identify itself simply by its call letters. The actual sign-on is posted at our sister site, The montage posted here represents the one hour+ that followed. KMEL is now  an Urban station, resulting in a sound very different from its CHR days.

KRZS (MOViN 97.5) – Phoenix – 10/27/06 (FIRST DAY)

In May 2006, 92.5 FM in Seattle flipped to Rhythmic AC as “MOViN 92.5” (KQMV) and enjoyed instant ratings success. As is often the case in radio, numerous stations around the country jumped on the bandwagon, attempting to duplicate KQMV’s achievement. One of those stations was Standards-formatted KRZS, which was targeting Phoenix from about 85 miles to the North. Eight years ago today, it became “MOViN 97.5”. The call letters eventually became KMVA. You can hear the actual format change/debut at our sister site,  The audio linked below represents a montage of the 2 hours or so that followed.

WNND (Windy 100) – Chicago – 10/1/97 (FIRST HOUR)

Recorded 17 years ago today, this is (most of) the first hour of what, in my opinion, represents the textbook definition of stereotypical Adult Contemporary radio. Visit this page on to hear the actual sign-on, along with more details on the history of this station.

WLDI (Wild 95.5) – West Palm Beach, FL – 8/14/98 (first day)

Fifteen years ago today, Country-formatted WXFG flipped to Mainstream CHR as Wild 95.5 — which is still the format and moniker heard on the frequency today. This aircheck represents a montage of the first 90 minutes following the debut; the actual sign-on can be heard at our sister site,