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San Francisco CA

KMEL (106.1) – San Francisco – 8/25/84 – Marvelous Mark McKay


31 years ago yesterday, Rock-formatted KMEL “Kamel 106” came to an end, replaced by what would become a legendary CHR station. At its onset, the station’s nickname was “All Hit 106”; over time, it began to identify itself simply by its call letters.

The actual sign-on is posted at our sister site, The montage posted here represents the one hour+ that followed.

KMEL is now  an Urban station, resulting in a sound very different from its CHR days.

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  1. TM Male Solo Jingle Singer: Marvelous Mark McKay!

    TM Jingle Singers: 106!

    Rick Allen: (Looney Laughter)

    TM Jingle Singers: KMEL!

  2. Uh FYI it’s Kamel with a K and not with a C!


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