Hot Adult Contemporary

WYXR (Star 104.5) – Philadelphia – November 1999 – Ron O’ Brien

Recorded 16 years ago this month, here’s a sample of Philadelphia’s Star 104.5 during its final days as a Hot AC (one with many different variations throughout the 1990’s). As documented on our sister site, the station flipped to a Rock AC format known as “Alice 104.5” on November 18, 1999.  

KDMX (Mix 102.9) – Dallas – 9/11/93 – Steve Eberhart/Rick O’Brien

Recorded 22 years ago, here’s a montage of Dallas/Fort Worth’s longtime Hot AC station, a couple of years after it entered the format. More information about Mix 102.9 (currently known as “102.9 NOW”) can be found at Wikipedia.

CKZZ (Z95.3) – Vancouver – 12 August 2005 – Nat & Drew

Recorded 10 years ago today, this is a sample of the first incarnation of Z (pronounced “Zed”) 95.3 after a transition to Hot AC the year prior. A significant portion of the aircheck was recorded during the Nat & Drew morning show. More information about the history of the station (and the many changes it has undergone in recent years) can be found at Wikipedia.    

WFAT (96.5 The Fat One) – Kalamazoo, MI – 6/8/98

According to Wikipedia, the WFAT call letters lasted a decade and a half on 96.5 FM in Kalamazoo, yet represented a wide variety of formats. This montage (recorded 17 years ago today) is a sample of the station’s brief attempt at a format that appeared to be a hybrid between Mainstream CHR and Hot AC.

WWSK (107.1 The Shark) – Myrtle Beach, SC – 4/7/96 – John Boy & Billy

Recorded 19 years ago this month, here’s a sample of a station that branded itself (to a degree) as a CHR (with the positioning statement “Mega Hits”), yet offered a Rock-leaning Hot AC format. More information about the history of this station/frequency can be found at Wikipedia.

New York/Long Island Composite – 2/11/99

Recorded 16 years ago this week, this is a montage of the stations pictured above, recorded around the 8pm hour.

WFKS (99.9 Kiss-FM) – Palatka, FL – 2/6/99 – Spencer Davis

Recorded 16 years ago today, this is a sample of WFKS near the end of its 6-year run on 99.9 FM. According to this Wikipedia page, in the year 2000, 99.9 FM moved into the Jacksonville market (with new calls WGNE) while the WFKS calls moved to 97.9 FM (also serving Jacksonville).

WMWX (Mix 96.9 & 99.9) – Portland, ME – 1/26/99

Recorded 16 years ago this month, here’s a montage of small town Hot AC radio from just before the beginning of the new millennium, featuring “a 50/50 mix of the 80’s and 90’s”. (IMHO, that’s just way too many numbers to have in a positioning statement…) Left intact is a commercial promoting “free designer phone book covers” with 1980’s-sounding music in the background.

KXMX (Mix 95.9) – Anaheim, CA – July 2000

Mix 95.9 was a short-lived radio outlet, created during a period of heavy consolidation in the industry. Its birth was a direct result of coming under Jacor ownership in March 1999. Its death was a result of Clear Channel (which had taken over Jacor later in 1999) being forced to sell Mix 95.9 due to FCC ownership rules related to Clear Channel’s acquisition of AM FM, Inc. More details about the history of this station can be found at Wikipedia. The format of Mix 95.9 was Hot AC, with somewhat of a lean towards Active Rock. Many thanks to Jeffery James for contributing!    

KZRQ (Star 105 FM) – Albuquerque, NM – 10/14/96

Over the years (although not as much recently), 105.1 FM in Albuquerque has gone through a number of format changes, starting in 1996 when it became Hot AC as “Star 105 FM” — as heard on this aircheck (recorded 18 years ago this month.) At some point in the months that followed, the station kept the “Star” name but evolved into what we now call Rhythmic AC — a sample of the station from that era can be heard here.

WPNT (Chicago’s 100.3) – 6/10/97 – Todd Manley

This is the first version of “Chicago’s 100.3”, recorded about 3 months before a format/name change to AC as “Windy 100”.  However, the presentation on this aircheck made it sound like the transition was going to occur much sooner. The station adopted the “Chicago’s 100.3” name again a decade later, with another variation of the Adult Contemporary format. And following another change to “Rewind 100.3” in 2010, “Chicago’s 100.3” returned yet again in December 2013. More details about the history of 100.3 FM can be found on this Wikipedia page.

Small Western U.S. Market Bandscan – January 1998 – Various Personalities

This montage includes brief snippets of the following stations: KMXY “Mix 104.3” Grand Junction, CO KWYK-FM Farmington, NM KBOS “B95” Fresno, CA KDON “102.5 K-DON” Monterey, CA KTMT “Beat 93” Medford, OR