Kiss 97.3

KKSS (Kiss 97.3) – Albuquerque, NM – 2001 – Johnny B, Jammer

This is a montage of Albuquerque’s longtime Rhythmic CHR at the height of the boy band/girl band craze, when it had a very Mainstream CHR-sounding approach. (The logo shown above is not necessarily from the era when this aircheck was recorded.)

KKSS (Hot Jammin’ 97.3 Kiss-FM) – Albuquerque – 7/18/95 – Chico Banana

This is a sample of Albuquerque’s heritage Rhythmic CHR from the mid-90’s, when it offered a relatively balanced Rhythmic CHR format and a high-energy presentation. The station has survived many competitors over the years.  (The logo shown above is not from the era when this aircheck was recorded.) Please note: at some point (perhaps the original recording), the pitch of the audio on this aircheck became too high (hope that’s the right term?) – everything sounds “faster” than it should be. Note the similarities between this station and Chattanooga’s WKXJ “Hot Jammin’ Kicks FM” from 1998. Besides their nearly identical names, both were/are on 97.3 FM and employed the phrase “one half hour total music jam”. There had to ...