97.3 KKSS - Kiss FM

KKSS (Hot Jammin’ 97.3 Kiss-FM) – Albuquerque – 7/18/95 – Chico Banana

This is a sample of Albuquerque’s heritage Rhythmic CHR from the mid-90’s, when it offered a relatively balanced Rhythmic CHR format and a high-energy presentation. The station has survived many competitors over the years.  (The logo shown above is not from the era when this aircheck was recorded.)

Please note: at some point (perhaps the original recording), the pitch of the audio on this aircheck became too high (hope that’s the right term?) – everything sounds “faster” than it should be.

Note the similarities between this station and Chattanooga’s WKXJ “Hot Jammin’ Kicks FM” from 1998. Besides their nearly identical names, both were/are on 97.3 FM and employed the phrase “one half hour total music jam”. There had to be some sort of connection between the two – does anyone know what it was? (EDIT: Per the comments section of this post – Cadillac Jack was the common denominator.)



  1. I listened to Kiss FM all the time that summer. I’m pretty sure they pitched everything up a bit anyway, but this aircheck appears to be sped up just a little in addition to that.

  2. The answer is Roy Jaynes, aka Cadilliac Jack!! He was the program director for 97.3 Kiss FM Albuquerque and 97.3 Kicks FM in Chattanooga, TN.

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