KKSS (Kiss 97.3) – Albuquerque, NM – 2001 – Johnny B, Jammer

This is a montage of Albuquerque’s longtime Rhythmic CHR at the height of the boy band/girl band craze, when it had a very Mainstream CHR-sounding approach. (The logo shown above is not necessarily from the era when this aircheck was recorded.)

KKSS (Hot Jammin’ 97.3 Kiss-FM) – Albuquerque – 7/18/95 – Chico Banana

This is a sample of Albuquerque’s heritage Rhythmic CHR from the mid-90’s, when it offered a relatively balanced Rhythmic CHR format and a high-energy presentation. The station has survived many competitors over the years.  (The logo shown above is not from the era when this aircheck was recorded.) Please note: at some point (perhaps the original recording), the pitch of the audio on this aircheck became too high (hope that’s the right term?) – everything sounds “faster” than it should be. Note the similarities between this station and Chattanooga’s WKXJ “Hot Jammin’ Kicks FM” from 1998. Besides their nearly identical names, both were/are on 97.3 FM and employed the phrase “one half hour total music jam”. There had to ...

KZRQ (Star 105 FM) – Albuquerque, NM – 3/31/97 – Terry Young

Star 105 was another station that seemingly wanted to clone the success achieved by New York’s WKTU, which launched as a Rhythmic AC the year prior and skyrocketed to the top of the ratings in one book. This montage features one of my all time favorite personalities, Terry “Motormouth” Young. KZRQ had an excellent high-energy presentation, similar to WDRQ in Detroit (which was another KTU clone.) I love the legal ID in particular – “KZRQ-FM Santa Fe/Albuquerque…and sometimes beyond.” Infinite thanks to Program Director Dave Dart, who made me this aircheck (and many others), and gave them to me when met me for lunch while he was visiting Phoenix.