WXYV (B102.7) – Baltimore – 2/7/99 – Melanie

In 1997, Baltimore’s WXYV flipped from Urban “V103” to Mainstream CHR as “102.7 XYV”. However, the station would be marred with inconsistency for the next couple of years. It would constantly change its lean from dance to hip-hop to alternative while searching for a gain in audience. In 1998, the name changed to B102.7 in order to prevent a competitor from bringing back B104 and at the same time connected the two CHR’s in Baltimore’s recent history. A newfound mainstream pop lean came in 1999 as it finally found some stability. In 2001, the station moved down the dial and flipped to Urban as “X105.7”. Left intact in this aircheck is a B102.7 commercial recruiting Account Executives.

WXYV (102.7 XYV) – Baltimore – 8/2/98 – Melanie

In June 1997, Baltimore’s Urban-formatted V103 came to an end as it flipped to a Mainstream CHR format branded as “102.7 XYV”. The format was dance-friendly, similar to Z104 (WWZZ) in Washington, D.C. and Z95.7 (KZQZ) in San Francisco. (All three were consulted by Dan Vallie.) However, by about the same time next year, the station employed an approach that emphasized hip-hop and modern rock (positioned as “alternative”) with less of a focus on dance, R&B and mainstream pop. The overall concept was similar (but certainly not as “extreme”) to what KPTY in Phoenix and KXME in Honolulu were attempting at this time.