San Jose

KLDZ (Channel 104.9) & KYLD (Wild 94.9) – San Francisco/San Jose, CA – 12/28/98

Recorded 16 years ago today, this is a sample of two very different stations serving the Bay Area. According to Wikipedia, Channel 104.9 debuted in August 1998 with the Modern AC format heard on the first portion of this montage. In February 1999, the format switched to classic New Wave/Alternative (the call letters became KCNL at this point as well), and then again to standard Alternative in January 2001. The station is now owned by the University of Southern California, and simulcasts a Classical format that originates on 89.9 KDFC/Anguin, CA. On the other hand, 94.9 FM has enjoyed much more stability over the years. Heard on the second portion of this montage is “Wild 94.9”, which was (and perhaps still is) one of the most entertaining and best-programmed Rhythmic CHRs, cust...

KHQT (Hot 97-7) – San Jose, CA – 5/24/92 – Richard Bolie

“The station of the South Bay, and for the South Bay” — recorded 21 years ago this week, Hot 97.7 is a great example of high-energy Rhythmic CHR from the early 90’s.  I wish that modern-day stations focusing on this era of music would take it a step further and employ the production values from those days as well. One of the few to do so is KWNZ “106.3 Pop-FM” in Reno, NV.