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104.9 KLDZ - Channel 104.9 / 94.9 KYLD - Wild 94.9

KLDZ (Channel 104.9) & KYLD (Wild 94.9) – San Francisco/San Jose, CA – 12/28/98


Recorded 16 years ago today, this is a sample of two very different stations serving the Bay Area.

  • On the other hand, 94.9 FM has enjoyed much more stability over the years. Heard on the second portion of this montage is “Wild 94.9”, which was (and perhaps still is) one of the most entertaining and best-programmed Rhythmic CHRs, custom-tailored for its unique market. The aircheck features both regular programming and mixshow programming via the “Wild Workout at Noon.”

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  1. Wild 94.9 has gone downhill since most of their talent moved to 99.7 a few years ago. I would say that the “most entertaining and best-programmed Rhythmic CHR” station is now at 99.7


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