103.7 WAMG (WXSS) - Kiss-FM

WAMG (WXSS) – 103.7 Kiss-FM – Milwaukee – Summer ’98

Milwaukee’s 103.7 Kiss-FM in its early days (still WAMG, eventually switching to WXSS).  This aircheck represents several segments through the Summer of 1998; the initial sample was recorded in the midst of the station playing 10,000 songs in a row commercial-free.  Also, for this reason, certain songs are heard duplicate times.

At least in the commercial-free segment, 103.7 Kiss-FM represented one of the finest examples of Mainstream CHR I’ve ever heard, as it offered multiple hits from multiple contemporary genres, without any “lean”.  In addition, the duo of 1980’s style jingles and Mitch Craig voiceovers made this station almost one of a kind for its era.


  1. Somewhere I have hours and hours of Kiss-FM in the WAMG days, before the call letters switched. Got to love Mitch Craig, too.

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