103.7 WAMG (WXSS) - Kiss-FM

WXSS (103.7 Kiss-FM) – Milwaukee – 9/20/99

This is a sample of Milwaukee’s 103.7 Kiss-FM about a year and a half after its launch. The station represented one of the finest examples of Mainstream CHR I’ve ever heard, offering multiple hits from multiple contemporary genres, without any sort of “lean”. In addition, the duo of 1980’s style jingles and Mitch Craig voiceovers made this station almost one of a kind for its era.


  1. I’ll never forget recording this. Sometimes you remember the “moment” you recorded something, this is one of those. I was sitting upstairs in my bedroom, in a corner with an old stereo system from the 1970s (it had a turntable) The tape deck wasn’t the best quality, and it was sort of fuzzy, but I was just listening to 103.7 in the background and randomly decided to put a Radio Shack brand tape that I had sitting there into the deck and press “record”

    This tape was long lost for several years, until sometime in the mid 2000s when I went searching the basement and it popped up under a bunch of junk.

    The memories will last a lifetime with this one.

    1. I think all of us aircheck junkies have at least one memory like yours!

      Up until recently, I also had one of the 1970’s stereo systems (with a turntable) in my possession. But I hadn’t used it in years – I broke the turntable as a baby and the cassette deck didn’t have the best recording quality. (Although it did have a feature called APSS – Auto Program Search System – that would automatically skip to the next song, provided that there was a few seconds of silence between each song.)

      The tuner was awesome, however – FM Stereo sounded amazing considering that the speakers weren’t exactly top-notch.

      I recentl moved to San Diego and finally had to part with the stereo – I just don’t have the room anymore.

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