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WFME (94.7) – Newark, NJ – 5/21/11: “Family Radio Celebrates The End Of Days?”

May 21, 2011 at 6:00pm was the time that Family Radio’s Harold Camping insisted that Jesus would return bringing upon the end of civilization. However, one of his own radio stations, 94.7 WFME Newark, NJ/New York City didn’t seem to buy in.

Here the station just slides from its legal ID and time announcement into a happy pre-recorded show about heart health.

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  1. Harold Cramping, er, I mean Camping does it again! This is like the third or fourth time this schmuck had predicted the end of days. I just hope that some of his followers that gave money to his alleged ministry sue him and force his radio network to be sold off.

    I know, keep dreaming.


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