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KOY-FM (Y95) – Phoenix – Summer ’93 – Various Personalities


In the late 80’s, and the very early 90’s, Phoenix was one of the best markets for fans of the CHR format.  Nationwide Communications’ heritage KZZP found itself in a heated battle with The Broadcast Group’s Power 92 (KKFR) and Edens Broadcasting’s Y95 (KOY-FM).

KZZP dominated for most of the 80’s.  But with changes in management, personalities, and pop music tastes — ratings dropped significantly in the early 90’s, leading to a format and name change in April 1991.

Y95, capitalizing on the changes and later demise of KZZP, enjoyed ratings success at the start of the decade.  But by 1993, ratings had fallen well below those of Power 92, which had begun to establish itself as the market’s preferred CHR (a title which it held through the 90’s).  On September 2, 1993, Y95 ceased to exist — it became KYOT shortly thereafter.

This aircheck represents a montage of approximately the final 2 months of Y95 and features a wide variety of the station’s personalities at the time.

Please note: This montage is very random, skipping back and forth between many personalities and featuring an assortment of the station’s sweepers and jingles. It was compiled from a series of my own personal “mix tapes” – not professional unscoped airchecks.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Y95 was CHR at a time when no one wanted to be CHR. I wonder if they would had done better in the ratings if they had held on for the CHR renaissance that took place a few years later.


  2. Good question. My understanding is that Y95 had fallen to below a 2 share 12+ when they pulled the plug. Maybe if they had been doing even one share better, they would have held on. But perhaps there were other factors at work.

    One of the recurring dreams I’ve had over the years has been Y95 returning to the dial!

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