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103.5 WKTU

WKTU (103.5 the New ‘KTU) – New York – October ’97 – Broadway Bill Lee

WKTU 103.5 The New KTU New York Broadway Bill Lee


In February 1996, Country WYNY flipped to WKTU, offered what we now call a Rhythmic AC format, and went from worst to first in one rating book – an absolutely remarkable feat for any radio station, particularly in America’s #1 market. This is a sample of the station about 18 months after it debut.

While this aircheck was being recorded, host Broadway Bill Lee (along with an assortment of lucky listeners) was on-site at a Virgin Megastore for a Janet Jackson CD release party.


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  1. This aircheck is awesome…brings me right back to the start of 4th grade and moving into a new house.

    Does anybody happen to know the top 103 of 1997 back on KTU?. I’m using the airchecks as puzzle pieces to fit together.

    Never knew Mary J Blige’s everything was played here!

    Can we get more KTU airchecks from around 96-99?

  2. Different station, different decade,..same high energy (and even some of the same music, which has gone into the classic hits realm) from Broadway Bill, who’s now doing his thing in the afternoon on WCBS-FM. Of course his current station doesn’t have RuPaul as morning host, opting instead for Dan Taylor…

    • Or His Old Friend Mr. Michael Scott “Super Shan” Shannon Who Is Now The New CBS FM’s Morning Jock.


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