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KWNZ (106.3 Pop-FM) – Reno, NV – 8/23/13 – “Wild” Bill Shakespeare

FMairchecks.com specializes almost entirely in material that was originally recorded between the late 80’s and early 2000’s. However, on occasion, we will showcase current radio stations.  Today’s posting offers the best of both worlds.

In May of 2013, Times-Shamrock Communications officially signed on 106.3 FM as a brand new signal in the Reno market, featuring the heritage KWNZ call letters that had previously been in use for CHR formats, first 97.3 FM and later 93.7 FM. The format is best described as “Gold Based CHR” – focusing primarily on CHR hits from the 80’s through early 2000’s that were played on the original version of KWNZ, along with a sprinking of compatible pop/dance-rhythmic  currents.

What makes Pop-FM truly unique, even in comparison to the very few other stations that have tried a similar format, is its inclusion of songs that were hits for a brief time, but generally haven’t received any airplay then, outside of perhaps specialty programming over a holiday weekend. Examples (not heard on this montage) include:

  • Boy Krazy – That’s What Love Can Do
  • Tyler Collins – Girls’ Night Out
  • MC Hammer – Pray
  • Debbie Gibson – Electric Youth
  • Color Me Badd – I Ador Mi Amor
  • Roxette – Fading Like a Flower
  • Paula Abdul – The Promise of a New Day
  • Triplets – You Don’t Have To Go Home Tonight

In addition – and again, unlike virtually any other terrestrial station that has gone down this road – the station’s imaging makes it sound like a station that was on the air in the 80’s and 90’s. Specifically, it uses classic jingles and employs the legendary Mitch Craig as its station voice. Its tagline is “The Hits You Miss.”

This aircheck was recorded from the station’s stream @ 1063popfm.com.

A similar Internet-only station can be found @ hot102radio.com; it is essentially the same concept, applied to Milwaukee’s former Rhythmic CHR, WLUM 102.1 FM.


  1. now this one, i started airchecking from day 1 of the launch! i checked out the stream first, just to get a glempse of what it would be, because i read the report on radio insight, and soon as i heard wham as the first song, i figured it would be more of a traditional classic-hitter. however, i hear jam’s hot kiis package as the top of hour, then said, no matter what this is, it’s definitely getting airchecked, but when i heard the next song it transitioned to, i had an “oh shit!” moment!

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