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The New More-FM 101.1 Philadelphia – 12/27/2013

B101 101.1 More-FM MoreFM More FM WBEB Philadelphia Jessie Jordan Dave Moore

It’s not every day that the dominant music station in a major market gives up its long-running brand for something new, but that is exactly what happened this week in Philadelphia. “B101” WBEB dropped its bee mascot for More-FM, in what it claimed was to “accurately reflect its ‘More Music, Less Talk’ mantra”

Not much has changed in the presentation of the station from its previous B101 identity. They still have ‘songtags’ identifying the performer and name after every song; the music mix is the same; and the on-air lineup didn’t change. It was quite similar to what the station did twenty years earlier, when it changed its name from “EZ 101” to “B101“.

WBEB is known as one of the biggest stations in the country, if not the world not streaming its broadcast online. So this may be the first sample of the station in its new identity being made available online.

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