102.5 KDON

KDON (102.5) – Monterey, CA – 12/31/98 & 1/1/99 – Paul Robbins/Maverick (EXCELLENT)

Recorded 15 years ago this week,  here’s sample of Monterey’s longtime Rhythmic CHR at the turn of the new year, 1998-99.

On the first part of the aircheck are snippets of the station’s end-of-year mix (which includes a lengthy recap of the various concerts and promotions offered by KDON in 1998); that’s followed by a portion of the “Top 102 of 1998”. As you’ll hear, the station offered a relatively broad music mix – a more genuine defintion of “Rhythmic CHR” than was common at the time.

In this era, KDON was voiced by the late and great Brian James.

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