105.1 WBIX - Jammin 105

WBIX (Jammin 105) – New York – 1/11/99 – Supersnake, Linda Energy

During the late 1990’s, one of the biggest fads to sweep U.S. radio was Rhythmic Oldies a.k.a. “Jammin Oldies”. This is a sample of the station programming the format in Market #1, in its earliest days, recorded 15 years ago this week.

Most of the aircheck is hosted by longtime Phoenix CHR personality Supersnake (presumably remotely?). The call letters would eventually change from WBIX to WTJM to match the station’s moniker.


  1. “…from the top of a really tall building with blinking red lights on it, so planes don’t fly into it…” Of course, 105.1 always transmitted from the Empire State Building, but still eerie hearing that today in the post 9/11 world.

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