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KBEQ (Q104) – Kansas City, MO – February 1993 – Action Jaxon (feat. Bobby Ocean)


 According to the KC Radio History site

In February 1993, Kansas City’s heritage CHR Q104 aired a special named “20 Years in 20 Days”, highlighting the music heard on the station from 1973 to 1993. At some following the conclusion of this special, the station flipped to a “Young Country” format while maintaining the Q104 name.

Wikipedia states that “20 Years in 20 Days” began on February 1st, and the station changed its format at 5pm on February 19th immediately following the song “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. However, “End of the Road” is featured on this aircheck (as the #1 song on a “Top 104” countdown recapping the biggest songs in the history of the station), and the station resumed regular programming afterwards. It would seem logical that the station would change format after that type of countdown, but that apparently was not the case – especially considering that the labeling of this aircheck (as given to me) was February 6, 1993.

Can anyone shed light on the actual timeline of events?

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