105.3 WCXT - The WhipGrand Rapids MI

WCXT (105.3 the Whip) – Muskegon-Grand Rapids, MI – 7-3-99 – Tim Hartley

This is a sample of West Michigan’s Dance CHR “105.3 the Whip” during its first or second night on the air. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WHTS for more information on the history of this station.


  1. Interesting to note, back in January of this year (2011), I assembled three of the Whip’s original mixers (two of which are mentioned in your aircheck above) to “recreate” The Whip for a two hour special on 104-5 WSNX. They each spun a couple short sets as if it were still 1999, we talked about what The Whip was like and the impact it had in it’s short life and we even recreated the Whip imaging, with the ORIGINAL liners cut by Bumper Morgan.

    Only issue was that The Whip was on 105.3, which is our current Top 40 competitor… but as you’ll be able to hear, I was able to magically edit everything to say 104-5 The Whip!

    It so so much fun workin with these guys putting this together. We have the entire two show ON DEMAND in three parts at http://www.1045snx.com/pages/index.php/podcasts/Club104Five.xml. Enjoy!

  2. I would have to say this was there first night on the air, FWIR. The station ended up hiring Keith Curry as PD. He fine-tuned things and really made the station sizzle.

    Competitively the station was doing the right things. The mentioned HumVee was a great station vehicle. They handed out all this swag at events. HIred a good morning show, had billboards, etc. The downside, they didn’t make any money! This station only lasted THREE months.

    So this aircheck is a rare find.

  3. I was part of that morning show; The Morning After with John (me), Connie & Fish. We did some great stuff in that VERY short time on the air. I’ll always be proud of the broadcasting, although it was pretty exciting when our paychecks started bouncing!

  4. We built this station from the ground up…literally. From ordering the equipment to designing the studios. There was nothing but an empty office space initially. Very proud and will never forget the hard work and dedication the staff put in. It was a very short run, but every day was exciting. Many of that roster moved on to have tremendous careers. Because of them I smile when I think about The Whip!

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