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KIIS (102.7 KIIS-FM) – Los Angeles – 2/26/00 – Christian B (FULL FREQUENCY)


On multiple occasions from 1991 to 2003, the two 103.1 FM’s in the Los Angeles area (originating from Santa Monica and Newport Beach, respectively) programmed varying flavors of the Dance format under a variety of different names — MARS FM 103.1, Groove Radio, Groove 103.1, and 103.1 KDL.

Supposedly, in a (no-longer-accessible) article which appeared on laradio.com, Roy Laughin (then general manager of Mainstream CHR 102.7 KIIS-FM) admitted that (KIIS owner) Jacor bought Groove 103.1 and changed the format so that it KIIS’ ratings would improve, due to the loss of a competitor.

The montage heard here (recorded 15 years ago today) certainly seems to validate that story. For approximately five years following the demise of Groove 103.1, KIIS aired a Dance music program on Friday nights named “Full Frequency”, hosted by former Groove personality Christian B.

As a side note, during this same era, KIIS-FM’s “Klub KIIS” mixshow programming was branded with a logo which clearly implied a desire to attract former Groove 103.1 listeners:


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