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103.9 WSGF - Hot 103.9

WSGF (Hot 103.9) – Savannah, GA – 11/10/96 – E-Man & Red Hot Jay

Note: The audio is muffled for the first 1:14 of this aircheck; it improves considerably after that point.

“Hot 103.9…the other guys are just a beat…OFF”

Hot 103.9 was a Dance-friendly Rhythmic CHR, with a high-energy, “in your face” presentation reminiscent of stations with the same format in the late 80’s and early 90’s — including personalities with…personality!  Definitely one of the personal favorites in my aircheck collection.


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  1. Hot 103.9 was the first attempt to bring back some form of CHR to Savannah after Z102 abandoned the format in 1993. It was launched a few months prior to this aircheck. IIRC, they didn’t last very long.



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